Our Vision:

The Jill Wilcox Foundation aims to improve the lives of women and children through food-related initiatives.

Thank You for Giving

After a successful year of fundraising in 2016, the Jill Wilcox Foundation is excited to be supporting three local charitable organizations.

The first project will help create wheelchair accessible garden beds for the Environmental Program at Easter Seals Camp Woodeden in London. It is one of two fully accessible camps that Easter Seals Ontario owns and operates for children and youth with physical disabilities. We look forward to seeing the children participate in the growth of fruits and vegetables and how rewarding the process can be.

After lots of hard work and dedication, Growing Chefs is becoming a well known London charity. This year, the foundation is happy to provide support to Growing Chefs through funding to help purchase necessary kitchen equipment at their new location on King Street.

Lastly, we look forward to supporting a summer camp breakfast program through Investing in Children in the Argyle neighborhood. The meals will allow for an opportunity for the camp counselors to discuss food literacy and knowledge with the children to expand their culinary horizons.

After an amazing response to Jill’s latest cookbook Soups, Stews and Breads, Jill will continue to donate part of the proceeds of book sales to her Foundation.

Thank you for all your generous donations throughout the year.

Bettering our community

It it because of generous donations from people like you that The Jill Wilcox Foundation can continue to support charitable organizations in our community. We are excited to announce that in 2015 the foundation was able to help the Health in Housing Initiative through London InterCommunity Health Centre, the Limberlost breakfast program, Let Them Eat Lunch through Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre and Growing Chefs. We are excited to continue work on the Merrymount Culinary Garden as we head back into spring.

We will be announcing exciting new fundraisers throughout the year and hope that you will join us in bettering our community!

Enjoying the fruits of Their Labour

The Merrymount Culinary Garden dedication was held at the Merrymount’s 141 Annual General Meeting in June.  The Jill Wilcox Foundation, in conjunction with a number of community partners started the garden last spring in hopes of teaching children where their food is coming from and how to use it in delicious and nutritious meals.

Due to love and support from many wonderful volunteers and donors, we are pleased to say the garden is flourishing and producing a bounty of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs for use in the kitchen at Merrymount.

As this year marked the first full season with the garden, next steps include a program to teach teen parents in the Re-Connect program about healthy eating and how to cook with fresh produce.

We are happy to announce The Jill Wilcox Foundation is accepting applications for funding for review in November. If your organization strives to help woman and children in food related initiatives, we would love to hear from you. Please send your requests via e-mail to foundation@jillstable.ca

Your Generosity is Making a Difference

Through donations from many generous donors, the Jill Wilcox Foundation is excited to be giving back to our community once again. This year the foundation will be supporting the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of London, as well as Food Families, a pilot program of Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre and the Canadian Mental Health Association Middlesex.

Food fosters many things, from bringing people together to teaching about different cultures to simply being a necessity of life. The Boy’s and Girl’s Club  will use food as a tool to help kids learn and focus on their studies. The M.A.P. Program (My Action Plan to Education) focuses on supporting youth in grades 9 through 12 in their educational journey. Children can arrive eager to learn, but with hunger as a distraction it is difficult to live up to their full potential. Funds will be used to purchase the club’s “Supper Club” tickets for an entire academic year and provide students with a full nutritious dinner so they are able to thrive academically.

Food Families will use food as a tool for teaching. The program aims to increase food literacy, such a food handling skills,  food knowledge passed through family and cultural avenues and create healthy nurturing relationships among mothers, children and caregivers. In addition, a manual will be developed for Food Families to be duplicated in other communities.

Additionally, we are looking forward to the spring thaw and getting back to the Merrymount Garden Project started in Spring 2014. It will continue to be an exciting and rewarding project throughout the summer and fall as children at Merrymount can grow, harvest and learn from the produce grown on site.

About The Jill Wilcox Foundation

Jill Wilcox is the founder of Jill’s Table, a specialty food and kitchenware shop in London, Ontario. She opened her business in 1999 with the vision of creating a central destination for food lovers. The inspiration behind Jill’s vision was her passion for gathering around a table with family and friends to enjoy a well-prepared meal.

Fifteen years later, Jill has built a successful brand. Loyal customers return time and time again to Jill’s Table for the wealth of food knowledge, the unique products and the sense of community they experience there. This richness of experience stems from the customer’s appreciation for the joy of cooking and eating with family and friends.

In the spirit of giving back to the community, Jill has chosen to establish the Jill Wilcox Foundation. Her hope is that the work of the Foundation will nurture the lives of women and children who in turn will discover the richness and joy that comes from sharing a well-prepared meal with family.

Our Mission:

To raise funds and grant donations to food-related and learning projects that support women and children in need within the London community.

Our Values:

Respect, trust, kindness and loyalty for our customers, our suppliers, our colleagues and our project recipients.

Make a difference

For more information on how you can make a difference, please email foundation@jillstable.ca or donate today.