Downtown London Getting Around

Where to park when you come visit usĀ 

Metered parking is FREE after 6pm Monday to Friday.

On-Street metered parking is FREE for 2 Hours on Saturdays.

On-Street metered parking is FREE ALL DAY on Sundays.

Paid parking is readily available nearby at:

Covent Garden Market, 130 King St.

*FYI when there is a special event happening please let the parking attendant know you are participating in one of our cooking classes, show your class ticket and pay the regular price instead of the event fee

Budweiser Gardens, 75 King St.

City of London Lot, 199 Ridout St. N

(current rate $5 flat rate 8am – 6pm / $4 flat rate 6pm – 11pm)

The Renaissance Apartments, 71 King St

underground parking access off Ridout St. between King & York

Impark Lots:

75 King St.

131 King St.

132 York St.

Downtown London Road Construction


Phase 1 of the new Dundas Place Flex Street has started

Dundas Street between Ridout St. N and Richmond will be closed until December and regular bus routes have been moved from Dundas St. to King St. and Queens Ave.


York Street between Thames Street and Ridout is closed until July for sewer replacements



For updates on parking and getting around downtown London